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Hack Club is a worldwide nonprofit organization of high school programmers of all experience levels. They now have a branch at OHS! Meeting at Bear Time B in room 314 every Friday, this club is a chance to make new projects, learn amazing coding skills, and be involved in an active and vibrant community! There are no prerequisite skills required, just show up! (you might even get some free stickers.)

"The goal of Hack Club is to help you become a hacker. We want a space at every school where people are making interesting things with code, every week. Schools don't provide that, so we're creating it in every school to make building things accessible to everyone."
- Hack Club's website

In addition to in-person club activities like workshops, group projects, and personal work time, Hack Club also offers a multitude of online activities. For example, they often run live AMAs with people like Elon Musk, and Simone Giertz!. They also will run summer events like "The Summer of Making," and the Hacker Zephyr, a train hackathon traveling across the U.S. You can find out about these oppurtunities by joining the Hack Club Slack and joining the #olympia channel.

Any questions? Email leadership@oly.hackclub.com, or ask Cole Wilson, Nidhi Krishna Kumar, or Mrs. Meaney.

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